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Atrium Polyester Coated Paint Aluminum Cladding Panel


Thickness: usually 1.5-3.0mm

Surface Treatment: polyester powder coated

Raw material: aluminum alloy 1100, 3003, 5257, 6061 series 

Country of origin: Guangdong China


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Atrium Polyester Coated Paint Aluminum cladding Panel is one of high-end metal decorative materials aluminum panel, which made from aluminum panel with hydroxyl polyester resin powder coating. Mainly apply for interior decoration, especially large public buildings atrium decoration. The coating surface of Atrium Polyester Coated Paint Aluminum cladding Panel is thick and hard, strong, wear-resisting and with high insulation. The coating can be divided into: high light, light, half matt and matt. The clients could choose different effect according to decorative design needs. Also, because of excellent weather resistance, it is often referred to as weather resistance type paint coatings material. We use famous brand of metal paint material, such as Akzonobel. It makes the surface coating more perfect and strong weather ability, this kind of surface coating is very suitable for interior decoration. Atrium Polyester Coated Paint Panel colors are very popular in the interior decoration, can give the building interior space bright feeling, but comparing to powder coating aluminum Panel, paint surface coating panel is more  suitable for indoor decoration than outdoor decoration due to paint coating’s weather resistance  and bright characteristic.

1、Keel  underbed              6359622318436186502964958.jpg

2、Alum  bracket

3、Self  drilling  screws

4、Countersunk  rivet

5、2.0mm  Aluminum  panel 

2.jpg  3.jpg

梅州客都汇1 (58).jpg


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