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Be Open Building In Paris Is Decorated With O-shaped Aluminum Ceiling Dec 07, 2017

aluminum round tube

Based on a quest for a powerful identity and an effort to weave important links with the city, be open building in Paris is built.

aluminum round tube

O-Shaped Aluminum Ceiling has characteristic of light weight and open vision. It is suitable for decorating large place, can make the space more bright and gentle. There is stereoscopic sensation because of its special shape. In the beginning of 21 century, designer find that most public place decorated with traditional ceiling, no running air, no bright light, so Aluminum Round Tube appears when needed.

aluminum round tube

O-Shaped Aluminum Ceiling is processed by extruding, with straight line, strong hardness and steady construction. It is popular used in outdoor for the windproof character. Bahe is specialized in producing good quality aluminum ceiling. Please feel free to contact us for further discussion.