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PVDF Coated Externior Aluminum Single Veneer For Ginza Place In Japan Dec 14, 2017

Ginza Place, a major commercial development in Tokyo’s famous Ginza shopping district. The  building is grandiose and unique, the front face of each panel is made of a single piece of Aluminum Plate. Incisions were made in the plates which were then folded, welded at the seams, and powder coated. Each panel was prefabricated and given an individual address to record its position on the facade.

PVDF coated externior aluminum single veneer

PVDF Coated Externior Aluminum Single Veneer is extensive use in external decoration as its excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and easy to install. It is also popular throughout the architect and designer with its recyclable and eco-friendly character.

PVDF coated externior aluminum single veneer

Bahe building material company finished a lot of projects with using PVDF Coated Externior Aluminum Single Veneer. We’ll offer good service with rich experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in it.