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【Tiger Powder】 Indoor Column Aluminum Cladding Panel’s Surface Treatment Dec 13, 2017

Indoor   decoration   aluminum   panel   products,   including   Column   Aluminum   Cladding   Panel,   Wall   Aluminum   Panel, Aluminum   Ceiling,  etc.,  the  surface   treatment   is  generally   used   for   powder   coating,  it   is   aesthetics,  durability.  Internationally   recognized   the   best   powder   coating   is   the   United   States   Tiger   powder,   its   performance,   lifetime   is   better   than   any   general   powder   coating   in   the   market.

Column Aluminum Cladding Panel


We   Bahe   is   the   United   States   Tiger   powder   brand   designated   spray   manufacturers,   professionally   provide high-quality   powder   surface   aluminum   panel   products   for   high-end   interior   architectural.   Dongguan   golden   yellow leaves   company   selected   Bahe’s   white   tiger   powder   surface   treatment   for   Column   Aluminum   Cladding   Panel.   wall aluminum   panel   and   other   products,   it   enhance   grade   of   the   entire   interior   space   surface   decoration   effect.   And   do   not   worry   about   the   panels   will   be   turned   colors   by   chemical   action   with   oxygen

Column Aluminum Cladding Panel

Column Aluminum Cladding Panel


Bahe,   as   building   materials   Aluminum   Panel   Manufacturers ,   and   as   the   United   States   Tiger   powder   China region   one   of   the   few   designated   spray   manufacturers,   is   committed   to   customers   customized   high-quality   aluminum   panel   and   other   indoor   aluminum   panel   products,   so   that   customers   can   really   buy   rest   assured!